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Mike Harper

IT Contract Developer

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What's this?

A chance for me to elaborate on the traditional CV you might have in your hand, to add some colour and context. Maybe the start of a conversation?

Who are you?

A versatile full-stack developer with extensive industry experience, currently working with React and TypeScript.

What do you do?

Development because I enjoy it! Particularly front-end now. But also analysis, design, helping choose technologies, running meetings, presentations, demos, mentoring ...

In contract until22 Jan 23


  •  6 Feb 23
  •  Yorks / remote
  •  React
  •  TypeScript
  •  C#
  •  ASP.Net Core
image relating to current status

I'm working remotely at the moment for Agora Digital Capital Markets on a Bond Issuance System (see project card). I'm using React and TypeScript, as I have been since early 2020. I'm sticking with front-end focused work for now as I really enjoy it.

Agora DCMJan 22 - Jan 23

Bond Issuance System

  •  Contract
  •  Remote
  •  12m
  •  Finance
  •  Front End
  •  3 renewals
image relating Bond Issuance System project

Front-end role using React and TypeScript to help build a system for managing the issuance of fixed-income instruments, based on Digital Ledger Technology.

  • React
  • Material Design
  • TypeScript
  • JSS
  • Linux

Why should I hire you?

Do you need a conscientious dev who can add value quickly? Who can fit smoothly into your project team? You might want to look at my Testimonials.

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Do you only do contract work?

Yes. I've been a contractor for over 25 years. I like the variety and flexibility. Typically I work on a day rate basis.

Where are you based?

It hardly seems to matter nowadays, does it? Anyway it's Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. I've worked remotely off and on since 2007, exclusively so since March 2020 from a dedicated home office.

By the way, are you based in Germany, Austria or Switzerland? I also speak fluent German (C2 qualified - near-native proficiency) and am always happy to use it at work.

Mike had previously worked at FMG as a contract developer on a transformation project. The quality and professionalism of Mike meant that we extended him several times after this initial project was completed to work on other projects. Due to his previous excellent work, I didn't hesitate to ask Mike back to help deliver a large high profile project with dates that couldn't slip earlier this year. I would not hesitate to recommend or use Mike again. He will be an asset to any development team.